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No. 02: December 2012

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Issue No. 02 December 2012

The Wine Recommendations

Domaine de Chassorney
2010 Volnay Premier Cru Les Roncerets

Where Volnay, Burgundy, France
Grape Pinot Noir
Ag Organic, non-certified
SO2 None
This former cheese maker knows his way around natural yeast and has a commitment to no SO2. Had his “lowly” St. Romaine a decade old, was pure bliss. This is the feminine side of Volnay with needle precision.

Domaine de la Grande Colline
NV Le Canon

Where Rhône Valley, France
Grape Syrah
Ag Organic, non-certified
SO2 None
Hirotake Ooka settled in the northern Rhône after various wine stages, hooking up with friends and influences including Thierry Allemand. Now he’s settled in the new hipster central, St. Peray, land of whites, where he established his Domaine de la Grande Colline. He farms biodynamically, the grapes for Le Canon, are bought. It’s a lively, changeable wine, 12.5%. Hard to find but you might try The Wine Hut.
Issue No. 02 December 2012 The Wine Recs