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No. 03: January 2013

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Issue No. 03 January 2013

The Wine Recommendations

Enlightenment Ales
Bière Brut

Where Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Grape Hops (of German and Czech origin)
Ag Who knows
SO2 None added
Made in champagne method, this hand-riddled beer has a delicate bubble, yet is rich and almost stout-like. A nano-brewery to watch.

Uncouth Vermouth
Serrano Chile Lavender

Where Brooklyn and surroundings, New York, United States
Grape Botrytised riesling (from Red Hook Winery)
Ag A great big mix but her heart is in organic ingredients
SO2 None added, no additives
Bianca breaks the mold on vermouths with some super, wild entries. Three seasonal options, four times a year. This one has a beautiful burn and the slight whisper of Provence. Skillfully blended.
Issue No. 03 January 2013 The Wine Recs