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No. 05: May 2013

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No. 05: May 2013

The Wine Recommendations

La Grande Colline
2012 Vin Nouveau

Where Saint Peray, Northern Rhône, Rhône Valley, France
Grape Syrah
Ag Organic
SO2 None added
This historically has only been made for Japan, but I scored it at the fab Parisian shop, La Caves des Papilles. Nouveau or Primeur or whatever you want to call it, is just an early bottling of syrah meant to preserve freshness and youth. Glouglougloug at 13% alcohol.

Domaine des Terres Dorées (Jean Paul Brun)
2010 Roussanne

Where Beaujolais, Burgundy, France
Grape Roussanne
Ag Organic
SO2 Hangs around 30ppm
Forget about the deux mille huit on the label, we’re talking deux mille dix, and it’s a vin de pays because roussane grapes aren’t allowed in the Beaujolais, where this is born. Extraordinary peachy juice. Fresh and lovely.
No. 05: May 2013 The Wine Recs