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No. 12: March 2014

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No. 12: March 2014

The Wine Recommendations

2012 Malvazija

Where Slovenska Istra, Primorska, Slovenia
Grape Malvazia Istriana
Ag Organic
SO2 Low
The Indie Wineries Slo/Cro portfolio has so much to offer. With this bottle, it’s hard to understand why malvasia has such a crappy reputation. Grown on the south west of Slovenia, from limestony soils, it’s a lovely fragrant grape, it’s completely dry, lively, sharp-minded and headed towards mandarin.

Audrey & Christian Binner
2008 Riesling

Where Alsace, France
Grape Riesling
Ag Organic
SO2 At bottling
The 2008 vintage in Alsace was a zippy, high acid year. The Zusslin (you’ll read about it below) and Binner are two complex darlings that can prove it. Serve them side-by-side for a tasting exploration. Binner’s had more limpid juiciness with a wild mandarin edge. It’s a cooling wine and sampled over five days, it got better with each sip.
No. 12: March 2014 The Wine Recs