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No. 13: May 2014

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No. 13: May 2014

The Wine Recommendations

Olivier Horiot
2009 Rosé des Riceys "En Valigrain"

Where Riceys, Côte de Bar, Champagne, France
Grape Pinot Noir
Ag Organic
SO2 Low
The Côte de Bar village of Riceys has the only champagne appellation for still rosé, and according to law, the rosé must be carbonic. How much carbonic isn’t specified so Olivier starts out without temp control (he has the advantage of a cold cellar). He then pumps over and drains the grapes off after only one week. The result is powder. Delicate structure. All lovers of Jura reds will go crazy for this one.

Alice et Olivier de Moor
2012 Le Vendangeur Masqué AOC Chablis

Where Chablis, Burgundy, France
Grape Chardonnay
Ag Organic/Biodynamic
SO2 Slight at bottling
The De Moor’s 2012s were gorgeous, and the Chablis especially so. The oyster shells pop from the glass. This wine doesn’t come from their vines (try their Bel Air for that) but from a (still unknown to me) friend with vineyards near their own vines, in the town of Courgis. Organic but not certified.
No. 13: May 2014 The Wine Recs