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No. 24: September 2015

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Issue No. 24: September 2015

The Wine Recommendations

Domaine Ballorin & F
2013 Coeur de Rosé

Where Marsannay, Burgundy, France
Grape Pinot Noir
Ag Biodynamic
SO2 None added
When I visited with Gilles this summer he said to me, will you taste this? Seems like Regal couldn’t sell it with those wispy clouds floating inside the bottle. That’s not a problem for us. Just shake it up to see it disappear or just don’t care. The wine was lovely. It’s 2013 so the fruit had settled; it had that brilliant 2013 acidity. It’s refreshing. I loved the grainy texture and the touch of salinity and the faintest echo of spring.

Silvio Carta
2005 Vernaccia Di Oristano Riserva

Where Oristano, Italy
Grape Vernaccia
Ag Sustainable
SO2 Conventional
Old school alert on Sardinia. Raised in old chestnut casks under flor, this is more super-juicy sherry without the fortification. Intense salty deliciousness, fierce and I can think of all sorts of appetizers this would shock your crowd with. Watch it, 16.5% alcohol.
Issue No. 24: September 2015 The Wine Recs