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No. 26: December 2015

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Issue No. 26 December 2015

The Wine Recommendations

Rémi Sédès
2013 Trait Gamay

Where Coteaux d’Ancenis, Loire Valley, France
Grape Gamay
Ag Biodynamic
SO2 None added
Rémi apprenticed in the Muscadet with Vincent Caillé (often recommended in these pages). He works with a horse. He cares. He’ll get better. But meanwhile, look at what he can do with this super gassy (dissolves quickly), meaty, savory, oddly compelling wine with tannin. It’s got plenty of life, delicate and a hint of cherry. On the second day it held its own solidly and deliciously.

Olivier Cousin
2014 Pur Breton

Where Anjou, Loire Valley, France
Grape Cabernet Franc
Ag Biodynamic
SO2 None added
What case of wine is complete without the Pur Breton? I couldn’t resist including the new vintage, which is brilliant. No trace of sheepy brett (or at least, not much). Total cabernet franc pleasure.
Issue No. 26 December 2015 The Wine Recs