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No. 29: May 2016

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Issue No. 29: May 2016

The Wine Recommendations

2013 Viñedo Silvestre Carignan

Where Colchagua Valley, Chile
Grape Carignan
Ag Organic
SO2 Medium
I’ve been enjoying these wines for a while, tasting them in whatever country I could find them, and now they are in the United States. In Spanish they call vines that have scurried up wild in the trees su viñedo silvestre. By 2009 when Villalobos decided to vinify them commercially they had been savage for over a half a century. The vines turned out to be carignan, pale and lovely in color, low in alcohol and plenty of character.

Domaine des Hautes Glaces
NV Les Moissons (French Single Malt)

Where Isère, Savoie, France
Grape Autumn Barley
Ag Organic
SO2 None added
From the middle of nowhere, about 50km south of Grenoble in the Isère department of France, comes a most unusual single malt from agronomist Frédéric Revol, who decided to distill his crop. This is serious local stuff. From his 2010, 2011 and 2012 vintage of autumn barley, at 41.7% ABV with no caramel or other colorings or additives. It almost looks like a white spirit, but unmistakably whiskey and delicate, heather-like. Never really had anything quite like it. For those who can manage a whisper whisky, something in between Irish and heathery Highland, you’ll find it lingering and warming.
Issue No. 29: May 2016 The Wine Recs