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No. 36: May 2017

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Issue No. 36: May 2017

The Wine Recommendations

Clos Lentiscus
2010 Xarel-lo Xpressió Brut Nature

Where Penedès, Catalonia, Spain
Grape Xarel-lo, Xarel-lo Vermell
Ag Organic and Biodynamic
SO2 None added
A pretty impressive entry from the Penedès from a family reclaiming the vines and tradition. The juice—based on the 2010 vintage—is vinified in anfora, the second ferment started with honey, and the resulting wine is fascinatingly perfumed.

La Garagista
2016 Ci Confonde Red Pétillant Naturel

Where Barnard, Vermont, United States
Grape Marquette
Ag Organic and Biodynamic
SO2 Little to None
Having walked the marquette vines—Vermont’s answer to Alpine nebbiolo—in the Vergennes vineyard this past August, it was obvious, barring disaster, that Deirdre and Caleb would have a crop. And a brilliant one. They made this from near perfect grapes. Four different wines from this block and vintage: the nouveau, a whole cluster, the damejeanne, and the pét’nat. This snappy and refreshing pét’nat is the grape soda for those who have little tolerance for sweet. Refreshing. Savory. Gulp it.
Issue No. 36: May 2017 The Wine Recs