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No. 37: July 2017

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No. 37: July 2017

The Wine Recommendations

Champagne Val Frison
NV Elion, Rosé Brut Nature

Where Côte de Bar, Champagne, France
Grape Pinot Noir
Ag Organic
SO2 None added
I’m a sucker for pink bubbles. I know, how girly is that? But the truth is, the pink stuff even floats in the brozé crowd (for those who haven’t heard, that’s kind of macho rosé talk, making it safe for the bro-set to order something pink). This one is in fact made by a girl, Valerie Frisson. Her first vintage was 2007, and each year, she impresses me more. Cherry juice? Rosehip? One of her secrets is to vinify the base wine with one week of carbonic maceration. Based on the 2012 vintage.

La Grange Tiphaine (Damien Delecheneau)
2015 Nouveau Nez

Where Montlouis, Loire Valley, France
Grape Chenin
Ag Organic
SO2 None added
Is there a better pairing for kohlrabi? There is none. This cuvée just doesn’t get the love it deserves, so let’s correct that. For a pét’nat, or as the appellation in Montlouis allows for Pétillant Original, this has precision and structure with plenty of muscle to perform at the table. Worry not, it won’t suffer if you’re just knocking back on the porch. Could be your summer bubble. Montlouis, in the hands of the capable, rocks.
No. 37: July 2017 The Wine Recs