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No. 39: November 2017

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No. 39: November 2017

The Wine Recommendations

Patrick Sullivan
2016 Pink Pound Rosé

Where Yarra Valley, Gippsland, Australia
Grape Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurtztraminer
Ag Organic (not certified)
SO2 Minimal
Why are we mostly denied Patrick Sullivan’s wines in the United States? He’s the king of soif. This one delivers tangerine citrusy joy and immediately puts a smile on my face. From non-certified organic vineyards, a weird-ass blend of grapes from two different terroirs, ranging from limestone to heavy clay. It has quite a bit of alcohol at 13.5% ABV and a lot of personality. Imported by Les Caves de Pyrene in the UK. Living Vine has it in Ontario. And! Amy Atwood Selections does indeed have it in California.

Pinard & Filles
2016 La Crescent Frangine

Where Quebec, Canada
Grape La Crescent
Ag Organic
SO2 Minimal
You know there’s wine in Ontario, but in Quebec? Indeed there is. And I have a favorite. Frédéric Simon and Catherine Bélanger make wine less than an hour outside of Montreal. They do grow vinifera, and at a high cost of labor, which includes covering the already-pruned vines under geotextile, a drastic measure which might not be money well spent, especially when hybrids perform so beautifully. As this bottle proves. The la crescent grape was macerated for two months on the skin and then aged for 60 days in old barrel. The color is delicate, with profound tangerine flavors and nectar. Available only in Canada as far as I can tell. Seek it out. It could be just the excuse you need to head to Montreal.
No. 39: November 2017 The Wine Recs