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No. 51: March 2020

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No. 51: March 2020

The Wine Recommendations

Le Vin de Deux
2017 Chablis

Where Burgundy, France
Grape Chardonnay
Ag Organic
SO2 Minimal
Valerie Gavaud works on one hectare with her husband Bill Moysan. So obviously there’s not a lot of wine to go around. Too bad! From village to 1er cru—these wines tick the boxes. The work in farming and vinification is spot on. The grapes are whole-cluster pressed and then fermented in old barrel and left to go through malo. The wine hangs out on the lees just shy of two years and then it goes into stainless for settling. The result is tang and lemon that you can linger over. Or go ahead, just gulp it down. Imported by Goatboy Selections.

Domaine de la Tournelle
2005 Fleur de Savagnin

Where Arbois, France
Grape Savagnin
Ag Organic
SO2 None added
Winemakers Evelyne and Pascal Clairet have been releasing older vintages so if you happen to see this, as I did in Paris earlier this year, don’t hesitate to buy it. From grey marl soils, this is a topped off, ouilée wine which protects the wine from developing a flor, but oft-times, such as in this wine, a touch happens anyway. Vinification here is in old wooden barrels for 18 months. It’s delicious and fresh with a touch of oxidative nut. There was that touch of caramel that lets you know it’s not a young pup but it is energetic and gripping with this marvelous tangerine flesh acidity. The current vintage would run around $54. Imported by Jenny & François Selections.
No. 51: March 2020 The Wine Recs