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Elisabetta Foradori

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Elisabetta Foradori

In strong contrast to the porn-star female ideal promoted during the Age of Berlusconi, some women rose to wine power. As if embodying the late, great Barolo master Baldo Cappellano’s statement that the more there is fake the more the world needs real, these women spoke directly his observation. They provided magnificent role models. They differed from their counterparts in other countries by the fact that they also pruned and plowed, they were all in organics and worked in synchrony with nature. These vignaiolis were also friends. I observed them, drank with them and sometimes danced with them. In 2016 I visited them for the first time. One was Elisabetta Foradori.

Elisabetta talking clay pot wisdom. She gets hers from La Mancha, Spain.