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Field Notes: March 18, 2022

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Field Notes

Field Notes: March 18, 2022


I often sit down to write this letter to you and feel as if I have nothing to say. This started as one of those weeks: nothing going on, nothing new to tell you, no fresh ideas or enthusiasm. But as the old saying goes, “feelings are not facts,” and going through my photos I thought, ah yes! What about Vermont?

I caught a ride with my friend, José Pastor, who distributes Camila Carrillo’s wine for a quick overnight to Vermont to taste her new bottlings. Great move!

Camila pondering her 2020s.

I’m happy to report that even though the weather was most uncooperative in 2021, the wines in that vintage for both La Garagista and La Montañuela will be keepers. Tasting notes to follow. (The previous version of this mailing stated 2020. Sorry, my brain has turned into a veritable mud season.)