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Field Notes: May 26, 2023

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Field Notes

Field Notes: May 26, 2023


The Georgian Wine Report

Georgia continues to grow, thrive and stun. A dozen years ago there were about seven natural winemakers. Today there are about 180. Small for sure, but growing strong. One thing that the association is grappling with is the same thing that everyone is: how to keep the faux natural people out of the group? Also, as expected, there are off tastings to the offs. Does this mean that Georgian natural wine is just doing what it does, growing? So there was the Zero Compromise show with the members of the Natural Wine Association. There is Saamuri, which happens the day after. Included here are negoçe, (those who buy grapes) and those who might not be 100% organic. In addition, Iago, of his eponymous winery, hosted a small tasting at his place in Kartli with Ramaz Nikoladze, Lapati, Shota’s and a few others. The inevitable splitting of the community has started.