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Field Notes: October 6th, 2023

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Field Notes

Field Notes: October 6th, 2023


Don’t panic! The report on Bolgheri (and the drama; could I find something drinkable there?) is coming. But to pick up where I left off last time we spoke? I was taking off from Pisa. Landed in Orly. Sped over to Gare de Lyon. Early! So I sat with a cup of coffee. Whilst people watching, I got a ping. It was an apologetic SMS from SNCF that the train was delayed. So I took my sweet time getting to the track. Only to see people boarding. By the time I ran to the end of the platform, I was with about 50 other passengers screaming as the last direct train for hours left us behind. So the slow boat from Bercy was in our future. Nevertheless, I got into the little Fiat 500 minutes before the rental place closed and headed towards Savigny and my auberge.