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In New York (Kindred) and Beaune, France (Le Comptoir des Tontons)

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Where To Eat & Drink

In New York (Kindred) and Beaune, France (Le Comptoir des Tontons)

KINDRED  Fans of Ruffian, the continually packed 7th Street wine bar, are plenty. That’s why anticipation was high for their new spot on 6th Street in the old The Eddy.

The physical structure was left as is; enter into to parlor-like bar. Through an open doorway is the petite dining room. But the new owners threw on a new whitewash to the walls and carved up the space with cool curved wood banquettes. The minimalist aesthetic is warmed thanks to terrific date-worthy lighting. And the wine choices will make sense to anyone who has drunk off of Alexis Percival’s Ruffian list. Her inspiration here follows the food, loosely hung on the Adriatic. Sure, there are some wines from Liguria and Calabria snuck in—I did say loosely. When I was there in the first week, even without a full menu, the little bites were pretty on point. The smoked olives ($8), a carryover fave from Ruffian, always hit the right notes. The fried ravioli ($18) were surprisingly crackly finger food. The wines hit a more people-friendly price point. By the glass ranges from $13–17. The 2012 Merlot from Paraschos has got to be one of the best bargains out on the market. Definitely put this spot in your rotation.