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Olivier Lamy

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Olivier Lamy

by Pascaline Lepeltier

The first time I went to Burgundy I was so damned scared. It was in January 2006 and I didn’t know anything about wine and even less about the place. I was working at L’Auberge Bretonne, a two stars-Michelin. I’d been there for only three months and my chef, the one who really introduced me to wine, sent me in his place to taste for him. Terrified, not wanting to be exposed as a dunce, I took my mentor, Patrick Rigourd to help me pretend to be a professional. We took the appointments that Chef set up for me but Patrick insisted on two extras; Sylvain Pataille in Marsannay and Domaine Hubert Lamy in Saint-Aubin. I had never even heard of them.