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The Astro Wine Column

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The Astro Wine Column

In late winter the city of Beaune hides behind the grey. Chills find their way into the bones and tourists are elsewhere. This is the time of year I often come to visit and in 2022, I was waiting outside of the train station, waiting for Russell Hone, remembering the very first time I looked for his car.

This was my first time in Burgundy without Becky Wasserman, my other mother, my dear friend, my mentor and sharer of a shoe obsession. I made plenty of appointments with new and old friends I am keeping tabs on, like Tomoko and Guillaume of Chanterêves, Domaine Dandelion, Claire Naudin and the up-and-coming as well as a coffee roaster, because why not? But the true reason for the journey was to pay a long overdue shiva call, spend time with Russell, and feel Becky’s spirit.