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The Dive Conundrum

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The Dive Conundrum


The Dive Bouteille, the Vin Expo for the rest of us, has just ended its 14th edition. Now held in the tuffeau caves beneath the Château de Brézé, not far from Saumur, it’s hard to forget the first year in that location. Beautiful for sure. But in the deep freeze of the 2010 winter, the wines were so cold my tongue nearly had frostbite. I swore I’d never go back. But I did. So did many others from the world over. One of them was Los Angelino, bialy aficionado and the Lou who put the Lou into Lou on Vine, Lou Amdur. When asked if he was glad he returned this past year to suffer with the rest of us he said, Yes. Then he added, “At least, I think I am.”