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The Gift Conundrum 2014

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The Gift Conundrum 2014

The important part is to sidestep the schlock. I don’t know anyone who would appreciate bottle charms, or an aerator, or a device that instantly ages a wine. But books? Bottles? Glassware? Yes! And if a generous friend wanted to gift me a bigger wine fridge (56 bottles for my tiny apartment), it would be most welcome. But just so it’s not all about me, I asked some friends and colleagues what they would like to give and get.

Doug Wregg, the erudite voice of Les Caves de Pyrene said a Eurocave that holds 170 bottles or so would be welcome. Oh, by the way, “Please stuff it with wines from Overnoy and Ganevat and an English version of Jonathan Nossiter’s Natural Resistance.” (Not yet available, though.)